Airport security officer-turned-developer helps Heathrow book a faster journey to digital transformation

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At Heathrow airport, one security officer taught himself how to develop in Microsoft #PowerPlatform and created a suite of apps using #PowerBI, #PowerApps, and #Flow that saved the airport 288 hours of manual data input and 11,000 sheets of paper. Watch the video to learn the details of this story, then contact Right Click Info, LLC to learn how we can help your business make its own journey.

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From communicating and collaborating with others to simply getting day-to-day tasks completed on your own, there's no greater tool for productivity than #Microsoft #Teams and #Office365. Subscribe now to stay informed on this and other leading Microsoft solutions for business.

Spend a day in the life with retail store manager Alex

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Alex is a retail store manager whose day is divided among attending meetings, reviewing store performance metrics, coordinating product refreshes, preparing presentations, and interviewing prospective employees. Follow Alex through a typical day and see how #MicrosoftTeams enables him to get through the day quickly, efficiently, and productively. Then contact Right Click Info, LLC to learn how we can help streamline and simplify your day with Teams and #Office365.

8 best practices for a successful CRM implementation

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View the infographic to discover 8 best practices you can follow to help ensure a successful #CRM implementation. Then contact Right Click Info, LLC to learn how #MicrosoftDynamics365 can help transform your CRM efforts into continued growth for your organization.

6 ways you’re getting teamwork wrong

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Building a team? Not so fast--there are a few things you first might want to consider. In her article for CIO magazine entitled "6 ways you're getting teamwork wrong," author Sharon Florentine pinpoints what it really takes to assemble a superb team for getting the job done. Read the full article, then contact Right Click Info, LLC and let us show you how #Office365 and #Teams can help you avoid these all-too-common mistakes.

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