Leading the IoT: Gartner insights on how to lead in a connected world

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According to Gartner, the greatest barrier to entry for #IoT is the fact that most organizations don't know how to apply this technology. And with over 65 percent of enterprises adopting IoT by 2020, staying out of the game is no longer an option. Download this guide to obtain a step-by-step framework for creating successful IoT initiatives, then follow Right Click Info, LLC to learn more about #AzureIoT.

A single digital workspace that connects ideas, projects, and people. Subscribe to learn more about Microsoft Teams.

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Modern digital workspaces have saved 88 percent of #Microsoft customers over $5 million in three years. Follow Right Click Info, LLC to learn how you can save money and increase productivity with #MicrosoftTeams.

How CRM Improves Your Customer Service & Overall Customer Experience | CustomerThink

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Customer experiences can make or break a business. It all depends on how companies use #CustomerService and #CRM software to improve them in 5 crucial ways. Learn all about them in this article, then contact Right Click Info, LLC to get started with #MicrosoftDynamics365.

Lizo | Digital transformation in the oil & gas industry: improving on-site safety

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We know that for some businesses, real-time updates of their facilities and equipment is essential. Saving time is saving money, but it's just as important to maintain site safety. It's also known that cloud-based software can most efficiently manage large volumes of data. That's where Microsoft @Azure fits the bill. Watch how a company such as Lizo can meet all of their customer needs, including cost savings. Connect with Right Click Info, LLC today for more information about #Azure.

FINNING | Challenges and Opportunities with IoT Apps on Azure Cloud

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In the digital age, experience is valued, but having the right data is priceless. With it, decision makers can completely avoid guesswork and predict possible issues before they even occur. Watch how Finning has successfully used #IoT to empower its workforce with customized, relevant data across all levels, then follow Right Click Info, LLC to get started with #AzureIoT.

HRI uses Microsoft Teams to streamline research

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Effective international collaboration between medical researchers is critical for staying on top of current research and best practices. Watch this video to learn how Health Research Institute (HRI) is using #MicrosoftTeams to help its researchers collaborate internationally across 150+ projects per year. Then follow Right Click Info, LLC to learn how Teams can help empower your organization.

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