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We help businesses consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems while automating service management processes.
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The Customer had identified a large gap in their ability to count and manage software and the procurement of hardware assets. The ability to deploy hardware assets was over 45 days and often exceeded 60 days. The Customer’s goal was to shorten this time to 3-5 days with the ability to partner with Supply Chain. The Customer wanted to manage the full lifecycle of hardware assets from request, procure, receive and deployment. This project required extensive integration with Supply Chain and the ability to integrate ServiceNow with Altiris for software and hardware discoveries.

This solution was deployed by Right Click & Polaris together to over 50,000 employees across 45 countries and to many global distribution centers.

Project Solutions:

With the new solutions in place, the Customer was able to send electronic purchase orders to the Supply Chain and bulk purchase assets to be stored in Supply Chain’s warehouses. The bulk assets inventory was then sent and managed by ServiceNow in real time. Users would then refresh or create a new request in ServiceNow for assets from Supply Chain’s warehouses and then Supply Chain would pull the item, configure, and ship the asset. Once the asset was shipped the tracking number was sent to ServiceNow and could be tracked in real time utilizing ServiceNow’s robust request management system. This asset was then received and delivered to the end user. When the asset was connected to the network and logged in, the asset and all installed software would be inventoried in ServiceNow’s database. The Customer was able to identify and categorize over 160,000 software titles and match enterprise licensing to their contracts and correctly associate entitlement management.
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