Project Description

Ram Ganesh Gadkari Rangaytan – Thane, has been home to one the richest artistic heritage in recent decades. Countless artists born and nurtured here later went on to create a niche of their own and earn accolades.

The idyllic park benches of our Rangaytan , during one of those tête-à-têtes amongst the youth and the veterans ,witnessed the conception of “Rangaytan Mahotsav”. Shri. Ganesh Jethe , a Rangaytan lover and patron for years , connoisseur of Rangaytan culture and known artist in television and theatre circles, was mother to the idea of the Rangaytan Mahotsav’s state level one act skit – “Ekankika” competition

“Seven Creators” sponsored and encouraged this thought of “Rangaytan Mahotsav” then “Swaroop Recreation And Media Pvt. Ltd. ” & “Velocity Ventures” decided to launch it.Finally, after much effort on the part of these two pillars of support, “Rangaytan Mahotsav” took off amidst huge response from artists – technicians and performers, and obviously our “Maibaap” – the warm audience. In its third year, 2014-15, this festival has already established its worth amongst the few top rated Ekankika circuits in Maharashtra.